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Stormwater Reporting Hotline

Updated: May 5, 2021

Stormwater Contact Information:

The Stormwater Hotline is provided for the public to call and report stormwater quality problems. All calls are confidential and callers will remain anonymous. Please contact us to report any of the following.

  • Actual or suspected illegal discharges to the storm sewer system

  • Foul smells in the drainage system or waterway

  • Unusual colors or cloudiness in a waterway

  • Spills

  • Trash or debris in a drainage system or waterway

  • A leaking automobile

  • Wash-water being dumped on the street

  • Paint in a creek

MS4 Stormwater Public Contact: Mayor Village of Oriskany Clifford "Mick" O'Connor Jr. 708 Utica Sttreet P.O. Box 904 Oriskany, NY 13424 Email: Phone: 315-736-3512 Fax: 315-736-3512

Other MS4 Contacts, Departments, Boards, and/or Employees: Village Engineer Kernan Engineering James Kernan 1310 Utica Street PO Box 750 Oriskany, NY 13424 Email: Phone: 315-235-1780 Fax: 315-736-8731

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