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Oriskany Codes enforcement

Codes Enforcement helps ensure home safety and harmony between neighbors, even after houses are bought and sold. If you've ever encountered poor building methods or questionable electrical work, you can understand why building codes can be important, to current residents and future residents. Zoning regulations also help ensure community safety by ensuring pools are fenced, buildings are stable, and that hazards, like barbed wire, aren't introduced in a neighborhood setting. 


If you are going to build an addition to your home, erect a shed, install a swimming pool, erect a detached garage, demolish an existing building, etc. you must call and file an application for a Building Permit with the Codes Enforcement Officer before doing any construction. 


If you do not and the Codes Enforcement Officer finds you doing work, he may place a "Stop Order" and prevent you from continuing any further work until the necessary application is filed and permit issued.


The Codes Enforcement Officer drives through the Village to be sure that the Zoning and Building Codes of Residential and Commercial zones are being followed correctly. 

Applications and questions should be directed to:

Codes Enforcement Officer

George J. Farley
P.O. Box 904
Oriskany, NY 13424



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