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As a municipality in New York State, the Village of Oriskany records vital records, such as birth and death certificates.


Our records begin in December 1914, when the village was incorporated. Records prior to this are maintained by the Town of Whitestown. Deaths that occur in the Village are recorded after all paperwork is submitted through the state database by the undertaker and physician attending the case. Copies are $10 each. The first copy is free for veterans. Please include this form with your request. 

Marriage licenses and records are maintained by the Town of Whitestown. Home births filed before village incorporation are also filed with the Town. 

The village does not have any records pre-dating the incorporation of the Village in 1914. New York State did not start regulating vital records keeping until 1847 and full compliance did not begin until the 1880s, so records kept at the Town, County, and State level may be limited by those dates.


The Oriskany Museum has limited nineteenth century death records for parishioners of St. Peter's Episcopal Church starting in 1832. The Oriskany Cemetery was also founded in 1832. Consistent records start in the 1870s and 1880s. Please email for more details. 

"Birth certificates for persons born at St. Luke's Hospital since May 1957 are housed with the New Hartford Town Clerk.  Birth certificates for persons born at St. Elizabeth's Hospital and St. Luke's before May 1957 are housed with the Utica Department of Vital Records." For details on these and records that may be available for elsewhere in the county, please contact the Oneida County Clerk​.

Registrar of Vital Statistics: 

Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics:

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